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Sunny and windy –

What we call ‘Odin weather’ ~

Sheltered nerines sway.

Buffeted by wind –

And by life in general ~

Head down and chin up.

Rain, then stormy wind –

Handy and tricky in turn ~

Folding tarpaulins.

Ground soaking up rain –

Except where I left buckets ~

Signs of New Normal.

Big storm coming in –
Taking down the tent – Jaysus ~
That spider was big.

A big thunderstorm –

A chat between light and sound ~

Yes I know, I know. 

Life in warmer climes –
For the first time in his life ~
His hardening feet.

Newly bought orchid –

Reminder of home, except ~

It can live outside.


Cleary Orchid





Pruning Buddleia
Before the Spring really starts ~
Then, of course, it snows.


Rain and wind blowing –
Should feel safe inside ~ except –
Guinea pigs outside.

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