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Gladiolus bulbs –

Stored, dusted in cinnamon ~

Survive the winter.

A month of short verse –

Marking each day as it comes ~

Dry January.

Church bells ring for six –

Birds crankily settle down ~

Rain falling, softly.

New hyacinth blooms –

Filling the room with their scent ~

Ignoring the rain.

Bright frosty morning –

Halve an apple for blackbird ~

Precise little pecks.

Wearing a face mask –

My glasses are steaming up ~

Beware the lampposts!

Bipinnate, glaucous –

The Acacia’s new growth ~

Asking to be touched.

Sarcococca scent –

Confusing, pleasant surprise ~

Mid-Winter honey.

Dusk is descending –

Last visit to bird feeder ~

Bonbon the field mouse.

Niger seed feeder –

Slowly empties, day by day ~

Elusive goldfinch.

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