Archives for the month of: March, 2021

Old bulbs in old pots –

Planted well past sell by date ~

Coming up blazing.

My loyalty cards –

Idle for over a year ~

Make my own coffee.

The Baby Jesus –
Mit Handgranate und Tellermine ~
Clearing Temple stalls.

Magnolia bloom –

As old as the dinosaurs ~

Makes me feel younger.

Sun salutations –

My newt looks on from his cave ~

Sid must think I’m mad.

An injured seagull –

Left leg seems badly damaged ~

Still preening and proud.

Twin Euphorbia

My garden path between them ~

Honey scent surprise.

Bullock harbour lunch-

Stealing no more than moments ~

Unlike the Vikings.

Gladiolus bulbs –

Perhaps not cured correctly ~

Plant them anyway.

A much pruned Prunus

Provides welcome distraction ~

Shock of new blossoms.

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