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Daughter makes muffins –

They look and smell very good ~

I get the last one.

My barbaric yawp ~

A good tanking victory ~

My daughter smiling.

The adults talking –

A silent mezzanine spy ~

Daughter like father.



Image credit Ms Maye.

Callas played loudly –
The daughter, singing along ~
The mother, smiling.

I saw a little bird –
Flying high in the sky –
I don’t know why –
– but I said goodbye.
and he said
‘Who on Earth is she? Maybe she is calling me.’

By Freyja Cleary (aged 7).

10 little dogs in the garden.
The 1st went to play in a pool.
Two others went to a park. Two more played.
Two more relaxed in the sun.
Two relaxed in the shade.
And the last one had a smoothy.

By Freyja Cleary (age 7).

Dog with smoothie by Freyja

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