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Sunny and windy –

What we call ‘Odin weather’ ~

Sheltered nerines sway.

Picking blackberries –

Before Púca gets them all ~

Some already slimed.

Buying a maple –

None of the large ones look well ~

I choose the smallest.

Japanese Bindweed –

Beating the briars for light ~

Busy bees approve.

Deadheading lilies –

Leaves left as fuel for next year ~

Still taller than me.

Burdened by their weight –

Gladioli bent over ~

Ready for the vase.

Blackberries ripen –

Honey Spurge seed pods explode ~

Curious robin.

Music for Airports –

Making plans for the Grand Tour ~

Using Baedeker’s Guide.

Holiday ending –

Have not managed to switch off ~

Until this moment.

Waves on a Wednesday-

I sit on a pile of rocks ~

Made in older seas.

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