Archives for the month of: October, 2015

Read older haiku –
Thinking on how much has changed ~
And how much has not.

A lotus blossom –
Growing redder over time ~
As nice words are said. 

Always with my ‘phone:
A pencil at the ready ~
A camera too.

Pleasant Autumn night –
So nice to just sit and chat ~
Birds of a feather. 

End of a good day –
Lighting a beach fire with flint ~
Making memories.


Unconscious patterns –

Structure within the Chaos ~

The Art people make.




Showering outside –

The Sun shining in my face ~

The simple pleasures.   


Return after time.
The beach and bird are still here ~
Right where I left them.


Fresh flowers, again –
I am making sure, once more ~
That the joy is shared.


Big storm coming in –
Taking down the tent – Jaysus ~
That spider was big.

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