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A marble fireplace –

Anastomosing patterns ~

Long since understood.

(For Dave Johnston, a great teacher)

Chattering finches –
In amongst the fallen leaves ~


Another morning – 

Minded of one just as bright ~ 



Slinky silverfish –
Sadly, cannot let you be ~
Book eating fecker.

Belgrade, tears streaming –
I have no idea why ~
It is your birthday.

Dead men in the back of trucks –
Sometimes thrown in there by friends –
Sometimes not; hands bound.

Always though, lit by a low light –
Syria, Bosnia, Cork: the same light-
Like a Dogme film; the light of ’95.

Dead men in the backs of trucks –
Blood brown and crusty, they still look –
Like they might move, but for the smell.

Who were you, Brother, Father, Son?
and for what have you ended up –
in the back of a truck?

Whether a Coriolanus, or the most unknown –
They all look the same in the back of the truck.
Good men on all sides, they deserve better.

And should it matter –
Whether it was gas or steel ~
They were still children.

…and when Death was near –
Archimedes drew the truth ~
Circles in the sand.

Archimedes’ Death

Battles, Life and Death –
Matter not – all invited ~
I’ll see you again.

Homebound thoughts, Brother –
You would be a year older ~
Full Moon looking down.

Homeward thoughts, Brother –
You should now be thirty four ~
Full Moon, shining down.

On my mind, Brother –
You should be a year older ~
The Moon, shining still.

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