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Battles, Life and Death –
Matter not – all invited ~
I’ll see you again.

Mutton chop penchant –
Maybe wishing to forget ~
These past 100 years.

Numbers don’t exist –
but they can have their uses ~
counting falling leaves.

Rock the wok for one –
Remarkably quiet night ~
Empty triangle.

Most scratch the surface –

but in collapsing buildings –

some of us find truth.

The single moorhen –
Not caring for falling leaves ~
nor one of his chips.

Take a petabyte –
a challenge to summarise ~
and good haiku can.

Take an exabyte –
a challenge to summarise ~
good haiku harder.

Take a yottabyte –
a challenge to understand ~
good haiku better.

Scarecrow, in the rain –
Soaked to the core ~ still smiling –
Issa would be proud.

Curled up, so you are –
Big barrage, nowhere to go ~
Funny apes are we.

Twenty years ago ~
Walk into the wrong lecture…
She is now my Wife.

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