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Big Analytics –
That can transform all our worlds ~
If we allow it…

Numbers don’t exist –
but they can have their uses ~
counting falling leaves.

Take a petabyte –
a challenge to summarise ~
and good haiku can.

Take an exabyte –
a challenge to summarise ~
good haiku harder.

Take a yottabyte –
a challenge to understand ~
good haiku better.

Ten Haiku About Analytics


Our friend, regression –
Explaining so much, so well –
A model for Life.


New models are fine –
but there is no substitute ~
For better data.


Graphical displays –
Unlock Big Data ~ suits brains –
Evolved for hunting.


The traces we leave –
Are now so detailed and deep –
Better than cave art?


Suddenly, breakthrough –
Before lunch, the problem solved ~
A sushi reward.


Thinking of something –
Where analytics can’t go –
Can only be God.


A line on a graph –
Predictions validated –
The argument, won.


Moving point in space –
With others, in a cluster –
A herd animal.


Ideas ~ open –
Science by lateral thought –
Broadens horizons.


Ev’rything connects-
Patterns, repeating ~ Deep Time –
Unending cycles.


Grateful acceptance of Poetry Palace award for week 58.

I wish to nominate Harry Nicholson for the next award:

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