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‘Planes land and take off –
With millions of stories ~
Bringing people home. 

Sunlit Potomac –
Autumn commute, stop reading ~
The water lit up.

The bumble of bees.

The restarted walk of ants ~

We miss Winter not. 



The river flowing –

The bus home, crossing the bridge ~

Sunlit Potomac. 

Anniversary –

A joyous year, passing by ~

White petals, floating. 


Cherry blossom’s peak –

Somehow, I’m the only one ~

Not taking selfies. 




Night in Chinatown –

In an open synagogue ~

Ukrainian folk. 


On the last metro –
Bump into a superb man ~
Also our waiter.



Sick escalator –
Jazz sounds escape from below ~
Trapped saxophonist.


For once I stay in –
Enjoy silence of my own ~
Birdsong, on my own.


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