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Eating a mango –
One must always remember ~
Cut away from Self.


Brush teeth before bed –
and then take out the lenses ~
Mmm, minty eyeballs.

Knap flints on the beach –
Show kids how to make an edge ~
Perhaps not that wise.


Spider on shed door –
Her third web, no surrender ~
Fantastic spider.


I used to write poems by hand
Scrawls within a little black book
Instant – no editing
No need for that now, still instant
but digital, on phone, tablet, laptop

I used to write poems by hand
a drunk spider, fallen into an inkwell
and let loose across the page
no need for him now, tapa, tapa, tapa

I used to write poems by hand
Much longer, with words like ‘I’ , ‘me’ , ‘my’
No need for those now, not so much ~
The brevity and clarity of Haiku

I sh/could write poems by hand
and in ways this is more honest
No I’m not texting, or liking, or updating
I’m writing, or trying to write
and there is a difference
and I wrote this by hand.


Immaculate grounds –
Match over, teams coming in ~
Particular claps.


Picking nasturtiums –
Little fingers too eager ~
Very grumpy bee.


Long Berberis thorn –
From a cut branch ~ goes in deep –
Revenge of the hedge.


Lost evening bee –
Perhaps one chance before dark ~
Take strength from Christ’s tears.



Trudging Oakley Road –
Heavy bags cutting fingers ~
Recalls student days.

Housewarming a friend’s new home ~
Much the same, much also changed.


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