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Flashing satellite –
Cutting through The Plough ~ sharing –
Information sword. 

Hiding in plain view –
The oak , seven years solid –
Grows into itself.


Jasmine’s heady scent –
Soaking sleepy spider’s web ~
Amplified by rain.


Purple Hosta blooms –
Prove to be no distraction ~
For leaf hungry slugs.

I wandered lonely as a smog –
across beige expanse with beige dog –
Womb rhythm waves strolled ashore –
My feet + senses lapped up some more –
Dust rose, blew, blue orange hue –
A bullfinch rose, dropped rose as he flew –
and it all seemed muddled but clear and new –
The jellyfish, massive, yielding, beached –
The only things that death had reached –
on this expanse of calmness, tranquillity –
a simple amble down by the Sea –
how far to we go? a yard or a mile –
Crab pinches dog’s nose, worth a smile –
Dusk descends, so says eye of my socket –
I fold the Stars and put them in my pocket.

From ‘The Little Black Book’, 23-06-’93.

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