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Stored in three short lines –
Another moment in time ~
Hyacinth fragrance.


Happy New Year to all of my readers and fellow bloggers. I wish you the best of luck for 2014. Keep writing.

The clatter of plates –
And cutlery, glasses too ~
Eclipsed by Bach.

Cheeky pálinka –
The wind and the rain outside ~
Oh! how cold it is.


The ice on the pond –
Harder to break than you’d think ~
Smart frogs are elsewhere.

More dusty bottles –
From behind the piano ~
I’m waiting for you.


Sun God reaching down –
Ireland renewed once again ~
Giza’s empty plain.


Image courtesy of Dave Walsh.

On the shortest day –
Bamboo bent with wind and rain ~
Enduring Winter.

There are many sounds –
Of daily life ~ few as sweet –
As kids hoovering.

All of these poems –
Arrive, fully formed, written ~
Without editing.

Full Moon, shining down –
Fox, on patrol by the stream ~
Seeking Jade Rabbit.

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