Respite (2022 Redux)

Moving through ruins –
Room by room, and floor by floor –
Broken glass ~ wind keens.

We’ve taken the hue –
Of this city’s dust ~ greyscape –
on our young faces.

Enemy unseen –
This, wearing on our senses –
Shush, sudden death lurks…

Let’s rest by a wall –
Read a message ~ share a smoke –
Darkness is falling.


Big fires are burning –
Orange tinged sky ~ in the cold –
We keep out of sight.

[We cast no shadows]

Maksym cracks a joke –
In utter fatigue ~ laughter –
Moment of respite.

It’s my watch tonight –
but the lads each help, in turn ~
together, ’till light.

Moving through ruins –
One block at a time ~ slowly –
’tis for you, we fight.


Deep in the dark woods my mount and I

Observing the column moving through

Silently watching as they pass by

Their engines are noisy and smoky too

My chestnut mare is sure of foot

Able to weave ‘tween trees and all

I trust her, heart, mind and gut

She’s saved me more times than I recall

Soon the column will move on past

And we can be on our way too

Alone of our troop, we are the last

Now with a message that must get through

They’re coming with their engines of death

We’ll ride and fight until our last breath.