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Young dead soldiers –

No time left for ‘grave concerns’ ~

Nor those that voice them.

Some at peace, some not –

Why different, after all ~

Under the same moon.

Slugs and snail traces –

Old gravestone mapped in sunshine ~

Zigzag of trenches.

Deep in the dark woods my mount and I

Observing the column moving through

Silently watching as they pass by

Their engines are noisy and smoky too

My chestnut mare is sure of foot

Able to weave ‘tween trees and all

I trust her, heart, mind and gut

She’s saved me more times than I recall

Soon the column will move on past

And we can be on our way too

Alone of our troop, we are the last

Now with a message that must get through

They’re coming with their engines of death

We’ll ride and fight until our last breath.

Grasses let grow long –
Hisses amongst wild flowers ~
Don’t do this again.

Trench geology –
Note before I go over ~
The layers of time.

And should it matter –
Whether it was gas or steel ~
They were still children.

How to remember?
When half your brain’s on the hill –
Forever British…

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