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Chinook IPA –

Bottling day, hard labour ~

Thirty eight rewards.

Today’s deadline met –

Team gets it over the line ~

Buttercups salute.

End of a long day –

Some nice things rediscovered ~

My happy orchids.

My colleagues at work –

The best of public service ~

You’ll find no better.

Thoughts on Leadership –

What I think real leaders do ~

They make more leaders.

The sun is shining –
Dreamt of spreadsheets this morning ~
Take the half day off.

First all grain brew done –

Feeling totally knackered ~

But in a good way.

(With thanks to Stu McW for recipe, kit, inspiration and online realtime support!)

Marking a milestone –

One year working from my shed ~

Sid hasn’t noticed.

For each job, the tools –

Some better than others ~ but

Never trust spreadsheets.

Painting my room white –

Playing Bach Cello Suites, live ~

Applause as we end.

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