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A stormy May day –

Rain good for the garden, but ~

Cherry blossoms bashed.

Garden in blossom –

Cherry tree needed pruning ~

I’m glad I didn’t.

Magnolia blooms –

Steal my attention, until ~

Those of the cherry. 


Blooms outside my door –
Even bursting bark bedecked ~
A Capital Spring.


Tenth floor bumble bee –
Why here, where no blooms grow? Ah ~
She fights another!

First Cherry Blossom –
For Dublin, as for Japan ~
A resurrection.

And so, there you are –
As much Dublin as Japan ~
First Cherry Blossom.

First Cherry Blossom –
For Dublin, Japan, the World ~
The Resurrection.


Part of Mount Fuji –
Part of a Cherry Blossom ~
The Boson cares not.


Annual poem –
That I cannot wait to write ~
First cherry blossom.

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