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Large format click here: DINOSAUR POEMS by Duncan Cleary

Small format click here:  DINOSAUR POEMS by Duncan Cleary

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Basalt outcrop roost –
Catching early morning rays –
Scratch feather head crest.

Pack nearby, guts full –
Awareness of a dull pain ~
Tight post-hunt muscles.

Built for exertion –
Relentless ferocity –
Calculating eye.

Warm blood needs feeding –
Imperious: floodplain viewed ~
Movement detected.

Sidling off again…
Beasts of prey are unaware ~
Until we hit them.

Sandcastles, hailstones –
All the crabs are dead ~ bar one –
Shelly Rathmullan.

Pittosporum scent –
Exceeds all else, as night falls ~
The light from the fire.

Stephen’s fleeting blooms –
Passed over since the picture ~
Birdsong persisting.

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