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Walking down the street –
Girls stop and say ‘beautiful!’ ~
To my sunflowers. 

A good book outside –
Tiny flies sticking to it ~
Unable to move.

Squishy blackberries 
The PĂșca has defiled them ~
Leave them for the birds.

Pleasant Autumn night –
So nice to just sit and chat ~
Birds of a feather. 

Raking Autumn leaves –
Colour of those still on trees ~
More enjoyable.


Leaves Autumn behind –
He travels to the New World ~
Fall in a new life.



Bees land for last time –
Summer’s end glory laid out ~
A final supper.


Autumn flies’ last chance –
Dancing flight in dusky light ~
Life on the margins.

After Man ~ windows
Hanging gardens ~ Manhattan –
Eyries in Fall sun.

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