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Fly on a lily –

Peaceful pause in a short life ~

I could learn from it.

A stormy May day –

Rain good for the garden, but ~

Cherry blossoms bashed.

We are all shut down –

Nagging feeling about this ~

Nature is smiling.

Faded photograph –

A surprising reminder ~

The aging chassis.

One hour from the strip –
More meaning in one crossbed ~
The Valley of Fire. 

Trench geology –
Note before I go over ~
The layers of time.

Anniversary –

A joyous year, passing by ~

White petals, floating. 


Catching crocuses –

Just before they go over ~

Vanguards of the Spring.  


Pittosporum buds –

And others, ready to go ~

I miss them, this year.

Booking a cheap flight –
Filling same details again ~
Birth year further down.

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