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Welcome rain shower –

Adds jewels to the tulips ~

Soon lost to the Sun.

Daffodils waning –

Tulips now taking over ~

Changing Colour Guards.

Lockdown garden fleurs –

Swaying gently in the breeze ~

Hard to photograph.

An injured seagull –

Left leg seems badly damaged ~

Still preening and proud.

Pittosporum scent –

Strong, mornings and evenings ~

Bracketing the day.

Put watch on wrong way –

Thinking of what I have lost ~

Half the evening.

Marginalia –
A pavement in Arlington ~
The surface of Mars.

(After Gordana Gerskovic)


Long Berberis thorn –
From a cut branch ~ goes in deep –
Revenge of the hedge.


Lost evening bee –
Perhaps one chance before dark ~
Take strength from Christ’s tears.



Marginalia –
On the walk to work today ~
Almost miss the bus.


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