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Sparrowhawk hunting –

Causing havoc in the hedge ~

Beautiful plumage.

Cleaning bird feeders –

After some thought, put them back ~

Happy House Sparrows.

Flying for first time –

Young wood pigeons exploring ~

Their poop ev’rywhere.

Their first peek outside –

Young wood pigeons exploring ~

While Mom is away.

Sat by Choisya –

Reading beside busy bees ~

The wren inspects me.

My Blue Tit has mites –

Bought Diatomaceous Earth ~

Dust bath on the way.

Putting out the bins –

Notice a new sound from roof ~

Baby jackdaw squawks.

Two magpies nesting –

Furiously placing sticks ~

Not the best of trees.

Midday streamside stroll –

Little Egret is fishing ~

Better lunch than mine.

Fledgling house sparrow –

Waiting to be fed by Mom ~

Both fat on my grain.

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