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Fledgling house sparrow –

Waiting to be fed by Mom ~

Both fat on my grain.

Riverside picnic –

Passerby leave us in peace ~

Heron inspects us.

Twa corbies nesting –

Second year in my attic ~

Why would I move them?

Foraging blackbird –

Sounding bigger than it is ~

Worms and bugs beware!

Pittosporum scent –

Easter time sign of rebirth ~

New bird’s nest within.

An injured seagull –

Left leg seems badly damaged ~

Still preening and proud.

The sleepy spiders –

Think they are safe in the eaves ~

Long-tailed Tit differs.

A starling arrives –

Iridescent aggression ~

Saurian traces.

A new visitor –
Long-tailed Tit tries out the food ~
Sparrows not happy. 

Challenging yoga –

Struggle with some of the moves ~

Watch goldfinch instead.

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