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A new visitor –
Long-tailed Tit tries out the food ~
Sparrows not happy. 

Challenging yoga –

Struggle with some of the moves ~

Watch goldfinch instead.

Long day soil sampling –

Sat down on ploughed field to smoke ~

Corvids come to roost.

Tiny snow flurries –

Small birds hunker in the hedge ~

Welcome distractions.

Church bells ring for six –

Birds crankily settle down ~

Rain falling, softly.

Bright frosty morning –

Halve an apple for blackbird ~

Precise little pecks.

Warrior pose II –

Trying to remain focused ~

Goldfinch distracts me.

Every morning –

Without fail: birdbath befouled ~

Regular Blue Tit.

Noisy House Sparrows –

The gurriers of the hedge ~

Silent as I pass.

[Gurrier: Noun, from Irish gur cake (“confection consisting of a thick layer of fruit-based filling between two thin layers of pastry, often eaten by poor children”)]

The creeping Dunnock –

Doesn’t compete with sparrows ~

He’s sure of himself.

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