Archives for the month of: August, 2012

Lillie’s night scent grows –
Time-bound in a vase ~ for moths –
Almost immortal.

Clouds pass, waves below –
Always moving ~ a child’s breath –
Never repeated.


New shop: sells marbles –
Nervous look ~ a pioneer ~
So much passed since then.


Dum-dum round, perhaps –
Or a flattened ricochet ~
Promise unfulfilled.


For which mad fucker –
Did we fight so hard, so long?
My boys, in the snow.

Leafy storm decides –
Which trees to bring down ~ also –
Which seeds to scatter.

Ants farming aphids –
Cherry tree is suffering ~
To kill or leave be…


The coolest T-shirt –
Twenty years old ~ has just ripped –
Cooler than ever…


Curiosity –
Found a beer can – only one ~
…He was passing through.

You’ve repaid our faith –
As He’s repaid yours in Him ~
Our sword and our shield.


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