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First yoga lesson –

Cars on cobbles pass outside ~

Sounds add to my calm.


Retracing my steps –

Make it down to the river ~

Different person.

A scythe, a whisper –

Tugged up onto the thermals ~

Slow spiral descent.

Explaining prime numbers-

Daughter interrupts ~

Drags me back down the hill.

Birds bursting hedges –

Noisy house sparrows, fighting ~

Calm Siskin, feeding.

Snow melts to filthy –

Carrot, patio marooned ~

And yet, we made him.

Sound of chimney wind –

Gives February gusts a voice ~

Old memories.

The morning shower –

A slight pause for reflection ~

Warm rain on the ear.

Delicious rain –

As long as you are inside ~

Watching the fireworks.


Crows of Pristina

Oversee new cathedral ~

Excited chatter.



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