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Waves on a Wednesday-

I sit on a pile of rocks ~

Made in older seas.

Indoor lemon tree –

The last fruit falls with a bump ~

Giving me a fright.

Church bells ring for six –

Birds crankily settle down ~

Rain falling, softly.

Daily lockdown walk –

The creek’s familiar curves ~

The sound of water.

Noisy House Sparrows –

The gurriers of the hedge ~

Silent as I pass.

[Gurrier: Noun, from Irish gur cake (“confection consisting of a thick layer of fruit-based filling between two thin layers of pastry, often eaten by poor children”)]

Robin flying past –

Everywhere, the same sound ~

Garden, prison camp.

Bought plant today –

Jazz playing as I did so ~

Won’t let this one die.

First yoga lesson –

Cars on cobbles pass outside ~

Sounds add to my calm.

Retracing my steps –

Make it down to the river ~

Different person.

A scythe, a whisper –

Tugged up onto the thermals ~

Slow spiral descent.

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