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Crows of Pristina

Oversee new cathedral ~

Excited chatter.




Thunder a-rumbling ~
Cosy raindrops on my roof ~
Flashing memory

Evening birdsong –
Not those of my native land ~
Familiar now. 

The wind in the trees –
Unusually hot June ~
Pleasant reminders. 

A grove cathedral –
Sudden and complete silence ~
The boy inside, home.




Frogs and Old Pond thoughts –
Try to mouth the Basho sound ~
Seeking resonance. 

Beautiful morning

Thinking of those whom I love ~

The wind in the trees.



Working from home day –

Small Man is humming, playing ~

I don’t mind the noise.

Under ceiling fans –
The insect music outside ~
Friends, further away.


Working on the roof –
Above the noise, amid green ~
Dragonfly, also. 

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