Archives for the month of: June, 2021

Another dead fox –

Really had hopes for this one ~

Such delicate paws.

Second jab goes in –

Google for the side effects ~

Guess I’ll wait and see.

Sparrowhawk hunting –

Causing havoc in the hedge ~

Beautiful plumage.

Chinese peony –

Just one flower ev’ry year ~

The better for that.

Dahlia patrol –

Torchlight falls on slugs and snails ~

Evacuate them.

A gap in colour –

Seek advice: ‘Roses!’, he says ~

My Uncle’s wisdom.

Garden soaked by rain –

Escape past a drenched jasmine ~

But not peony.

A field left fallow –

Seeds sown by man, bird and wind ~

All feels good to me.

Cleaning bird feeders –

After some thought, put them back ~

Happy House Sparrows.

Facebook memories –

Prompting a recreation ~

Journeys of the mind.

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