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A smile costs nothing ~
Leaving the office today ~
The cleaner, the guard. 

Divine Mystery –
How the worker packed the tent ~
In such a small bag.

On the last metro –
Bump into a superb man ~
Also our waiter.



Newly bought orchid –

Reminder of home, except ~

It can live outside.


Cleary Orchid





Slinky silverfish –
Sadly, cannot let you be ~
Book eating fecker.

Twenty three bottles –
French, Croat, Hungarian ~
Forgotten, ’till now…

Hard as nails, you were –
and great with your first grandson ~
Who’s proud of our name.


Cleary: oldest surname in Europe

Sneaky Gryphaea
Waiting all this time, silent ~
Then painted, at last.


…and when Death was near –
Archimedes drew the truth ~
Circles in the sand.

Archimedes’ Death

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