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The creeping Dunnock –

Doesn’t compete with sparrows ~

He’s sure of himself.

Robin flying past –

Everywhere, the same sound ~

Garden, prison camp.

A cupboard spider –

Dislodged by my rummaging ~

Allowed to escape.

Niger seed feeder –

Slowly empties, day by day ~

Elusive goldfinch.

A bird watch survey –

The same characters each week ~

Unaware of weeks.

Long day gardening –

Finally sat down to rest ~

With naked ladies.

My neighbor’s pigeons –

Evening sun in their wings ~

Trained by the whistle.

Family picnic –

Swifts circling, feed on the wing ~

A fine stand of pines.

Clearing surfaces –

Little jobs, take one by one ~

A tea in clean space.

We are all shut down –

Nagging feeling about this ~

Nature is smiling.

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