The last dahlias –

Some heads bent with their own weight ~

Hold mine high for them.

Seventies wine glass –

Quite petite in size really –

Unlike today’s bowls.

Yoga restarted –

My one-pack needed some work ~

Unpacked my mind too.

Thousand and one chores –

Finish one and feel better ~

Bedside locker cleared.

Autumn gardening –

Finish potting alliums ~

Robin stalks for me.

My brother’s birthday –

Fifteen years now since he passed ~

A drink for him, too.

Passing bird feeder –

Something small drops and scurries ~

Bonbon might have friends.

Green watering can –

Half full so put a stick in ~

For Bonbon the mouse.

Cup of brand coffee –

Impressive in its own way ~

Tastes the same worldwide.

Suddenly rainbows –

My new robin distracts me ~

Look back and they’re gone.

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