Growing impatient –

Things moving slowly this year ~

The first daffodil.

Not yet dark at six –

Grand stretch in the evening ~

But nowhere to go.

A revelation –

Mardi Gras is ‘Fat Tuesday’ ~

The French sounds better.

Looking at my hands –

Have always been pleased with them ~

As have some women.

Cutting my own hair –

First time for everything ~

It turns out quite well!

Long day soil sampling –

Sat down on ploughed field to smoke ~

Corvids come to roost.

Buffeted by wind –

And by life in general ~

Head down and chin up.

Cosy TV night –

Vintage documentaries ~

The superb Bob Ross.

A new visitor –

He’s not exactly welcome ~

Keith, the common rat.

Increasingly sore-

Joints, fingers, ankles, knees, back ~

Must do more yoga.

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