Ten Haiku About Tea

Windswept mountain top –
Clear day ~ A refreshing shock –
Hot tea from the flask.

Bog black breakfast tea –
Condensed milk ~ plenty sugar –
Tank crew brewing up.

Decide on green tea –
The Mother is pointing out ~
Her favourite pot.

Office visitor –
There is much work to be done –
Tea is disarming.

Country ~ slower time …
Arrah, are you making tae?
Metric tons of tae.

Jasmine infusion –
Is not expected ~ Trying –
Conservative Man.

The simplest of things –
to add water to the leaves ~
High Ceremony.

With the Professor –
at elevenses ~ equal –
Best part of the day.

She likes her tea weak ~
I wave the bag by the cup –
Thus proving the point.

You could have a pint…
But tea works near everywhere –
With near everyone.


Grateful acceptance of Poetry Palace award for week 61.



I wish to nominate ‘Old Raven’ for the next award, from one corvid to another.