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The rain is falling –
On the year’s very last leaves ~
How sweet is the sound.


Two small frogs, sleeping –
Kicking off the coversheets~
Yet, how cold it is!

New Year’s Day, all day –
I am ‘minded, once again ~
A bright Summer noon.

(After Bashō)

Cheeky pálinka –
The wind and the rain outside ~
Oh! how cold it is.


The ice on the pond –
Harder to break than you’d think ~
Smart frogs are elsewhere.

On the shortest day –
Bamboo bent with wind and rain ~
Enduring Winter.

An enormous tree –
Bedecked with glass breakables ~
Best avoid ’till done.


Little orange coins –
Tossed against the Winter sky ~
Light’s final flourish.



Strong blustery wind –
Removes the last of the leaves ~
The last seeds, also.


People raking leaves –
Before them, did the grass die?
The plants before grass?


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