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Birds bursting hedges –

Noisy house sparrows, fighting ~

Calm Siskin, feeding.


Firefly laden trees –
Finishing a decent book ~
Beyond that, the stars. 

The fan in the room –

Does nothing to change the heat ~

Until I am there.

Virginja contrails –
Half moon cut with blue and white ~
Dinosaurs fly through. 

The wind in the trees –
Unusually hot June ~
Pleasant reminders. 

Poles clang, sail and flag –
Small dinosaurs, signing off ~
Recalling Tang verse. 


Under ceiling fans –
The insect music outside ~
Friends, further away.


Hunting mosquitoes –
Now trapped in the tent ~ how sweet –
My blood no longer.

Dressing before bed –
This is not the time to waste ~
A statement T-shirt. 


Feeling quite at home –

Rain, with bonus light and sound ~ 

Virginia storms.


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