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Explaining prime numbers-

Daughter interrupts ~

Drags me back down the hill.


Much bigger ants here –

Trying hard not to kill them ~

Some kamikaze.

Continuity –

Clearly you’re a dinosaur ~

Hunting small mammals.

Hazy mountain-view –

Framed by fruit trees in full leaf ~

Tiny pears still safe.

Devonian stream –

Fish choc a bloc, tail to head ~

Ack, had I a rod.

Pee in the river –

I’m quite sure no one is there ~

A heron, staring.

A Monday haircut –

Shut in, the last customer ~

Free beer a nice touch.

Birds bursting hedges –

Noisy house sparrows, fighting ~

Calm Siskin, feeding.

I found you, in dark –

Radiant white, with black eyes ~

Just then you saved me.

Family table –

So many hands joined in Grace ~

Kids playing beneath.

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