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Swimming facing down –

Chasing the sun sand ripples ~

Small fish ignore me.

Two moped girls pass –

The passenger is stroking

Driver’s ponytail.

Contact lens bubbles –

I brought a set of ten pairs ~

Helps to measure time.

Swim to the island –

A church once stood here ~

Now, a lost sarong.

A holiday ends –

Inflatables left behind ~

Drifting in the breeze.

Red Amaryllis
Blooming just a little late ~
Still more to enjoy.


Pipistrelle bat squad –
Feeding on the wing ~ in force –
Can’t wait for the dark…

Mowing bohreen grass –
Foxgloves jostle dog daisies ~
Barley Cove ahead.

Taunting the big waves –
Little legs ~ just fast enough –
Get soaked anyway.

Adjusting loose rocks –
In the little mountain stream ~
Better water sound.

A race to get home –
Before it is too late ~ hot –
Five big ice cream cones.

Garden designer –
Long dead ~ sees in his mind’s eye –
Today’s perfection.

Schull market fresh plaice –
Big prawns, juicy lamb; foodies:
Come to food Island!

Holiday excuse:
The inevitable rain –
Do nowt for a day.

Heavenly corner –
Offers models for life ~ and,
The Surface of Mars.

Little stream, running –
I know you will be here ~ long –
After we are gone.

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