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Peter the Bluetit –

Freddy the Robin redbreast ~

I’m in their world now.

Dust on my fone screen –

Appears at first to be stars ~

In my moon picture.

Light in the garden –

Beckons to a warmer place ~

Problems with sleeping.

The sound of water –

Depends how long I shower ~

The rain on my ear.

Something to enjoy –

Most pleasure I’ve had in weeks ~

The single new frond.

Put watch on wrong way –

Thinking of what I have lost ~

Half the evening.

Spider explosion-

Trying not to disturb them ~

Then they move their webs.

Swimming facing down –

Chasing the sun sand ripples ~

Small fish ignore me.

Two moped girls pass –

The passenger is stroking

Driver’s ponytail.

Contact lens bubbles –

I brought a set of ten pairs ~

Helps to measure time.

Swim to the island –

A church once stood here ~

Now, a lost sarong.

A holiday ends –

Inflatables left behind ~

Drifting in the breeze.

Grandma killed snails –

Jesus, she was so ruthless ~

I walk between them.

A moment of calm –

Deciding what to read next ~

Or to read at all.

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