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Rocks are making rocks –

On the beach, in the river ~

Deep beneath your feet.

Challenging yoga –

Struggle with some of the moves ~

Watch goldfinch instead.

The first daffodil –

Bright herald of more to come ~

Buds ready to burst.

Watch the Top Forty-

Don’t know any of the songs ~

Nor do I want to.

February rain –

Dip in my garden fills up ~

I should make a pond.

She’s gone many years –

A lifetime ago, in fact ~

Still missing her though.

Growing impatient –

Things moving slowly this year ~

The first daffodil.

Not yet dark at six –

Grand stretch in the evening ~

But nowhere to go.

A revelation –

Mardi Gras is ‘Fat Tuesday’ ~

The French sounds better.

Looking at my hands –

Have always been pleased with them ~

As have some women.

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