Pilots sit on ‘chutes –
Hit – other crew get out first ~
Few pilots in camps.


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A native of Dublin, Ireland. When not busy with work or family, I try to create new stuff using words and pictures, often with a scientific theme. Thanks for visiting.

9 thoughts on “Lancaster”

  1. I know the the Lancaster. Was it not (well sort of) Britain’s answer to the B-17? Or perhaps the B-17 was our answer to the Lancaster. My father was an ordnance Officer in Britain. I believe at Cheltenham.

    1. Thanks Liz. A good book that you might enjoy is Len Deighton’s ‘Bomber’, it is available as an eBook. It prompted this haiku. The bomber types had similarities, and I suspect that the big difference between Lancaster crews and B17 crews is that the RAF operated at night while the US operated over Europe by day.

      1. Thank you. I shall do that. And interesting about operating at different times of day. I wonder if that was a safety issue? So both forces wouldn’t ever tangle (literally).

      2. You are welcome. It may be that they wanted 24 hour bombing, and I think the different leaders had different ideas on strategy, regarding area bombing (RAF) versus precision bombing (US); either way, it was very dangerous, with very high casualty rates, and daytime raids have been described as a berserker tactic.

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