Battles, madness, rage –
This strange annual event ~
Putting up the tree.

(for everyone who has ever struggled with getting a 9 foot tree to stay up straight and then covering it in lights and glass)


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A native of Dublin, Ireland. When not busy with work or family, I try to create new stuff using words and pictures, often with a scientific theme. Thanks for visiting.

2 thoughts on “Tannenbaum”

  1. When I was a newly divorced mom of 2, … a loooong time ago, I had to start Thanksgiving weekend to get a tree up and decorated by the middle of December.
    It was artificial…part of t he problem, but I have a fireplace and the living room is small.

    Now I am old and gray…lights on the schefflera that almost hits the ceiling 9 feet up, Two ornaments…one my grand daughter for got when she headed back to college …it’s tiny and ddn’t notice it til Spring…. I got an origami ornament as a gift today and that will join the festivities this year.

    I have such compassion for you…Battles, madness, rage – know them well. May the rest of the holiday season be less stressful for you.


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