Ancient Man


This deep dream we share –
Of jumping high and so far ~
Ancestor echoes.


Our backs to the fire –
Facing into the deep dark –
Some watch while some sleep.


The flint is fashioned –
Nodule to tool ~ final form –
Seen in the mind’s eye.


Felled mammoth’s last breath –
Comes after much waiting ~ watched –
We give it its time.


The dark ones attack –
We shield the women –
We kill ~ no remorse.


All mums are busy –
Gathering the ripened fruits –
A time to take stock.

Meat has given us time ~ now –
We shape the world ~ bit by bit.


Blow paint on the hand –
Leaves a mark on the cave wall –
Wave to the future.


The Ice grows bigger –
Scouring away all our work –
and so we move South.

We meet the others ~ a truce –
The first child ~ hybrid vigour.


Mammoths excepted –
We’re the only animal –
That tends to our dead.


As leaves slowly fall –
Viewed ~ a new phenomenon –
Someone feels for them.

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A native of Dublin, Ireland. When not busy with work or family, I try to create new stuff using words and pictures, often with a scientific theme. Thanks for visiting.

19 thoughts on “Ancient Man”

  1. Very Nice Poetry with an amazing Imagination
    Great Work of Creativity !! Highly Expressive !!

    It was indeed enjoyable after reading this one !!

    Anyways, Take a look some of my Poetry Collections …

    some of my Haiku Collections

    and also, on my very recent Work as well

    !!! Happy Rally !!!
    Cheers !!

  2. I really love the way this develops. We’ve all wondered what it must have been like to live then. We babble on a lot today about living in the moment. Perhaps in part that is a longing back to that more immediate existence.

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