Sound of ball on bat –
Single engine prop above –
Busy Lawnmower.

A clink of glasses –
Wood pigeon calls from the tree –
Frenzied laden bees.

A creaking swing-chair –
Rustle of a newspaper –
Cold new beer goes ‘pfsst’.

Leaves in a light wind –
Kids playing nicely, for now…
Green and pleasant land.

Buried far from sun –
The worms work, working away ~
Listen carefully.

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A native of Dublin, Ireland. When not busy with work or family, I try to create new stuff using words and pictures, often with a scientific theme. Thanks for visiting.

14 thoughts on “July”

  1. magical writing, keep it up.

    Please Check out short story slam week 5,

    write a poem or a story based on the image, link to our week 5 collection of short stories, and have fun!
    Bless your day!
    Hope to see you in,
    Keep your creative juice running,

  2. Wonderful! The thing that hit me as I read is that each line could be expanded into its own poem. So many things you paraded before us. Wonderful things! Exceptional poem!

  3. A very ideal sort of a day, though the mood here is one that seems to anticipate something might come along and spoil it. Kids playing nice, for now and the worms ever digging seem ominous. I hope to enjoy such a day as long as it lasts… 🙂 Enjoyed this poem very much. 🙂

  4. Kids playing nicely for now – LOL! I cannot think of anything to say but to shake my head with a smile on my face!

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